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Precision Market Timing – By The Numbers!

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In the next 10 minutes, I’m going to reveal to you what took me over thirty years of intensive eyeball-to-chart research to discover! The road has been long and sometimes bumpy with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. And, guess what…it hasn’t ended yet! The more I learn, the more I realize there’s more to learn. So, fasten your seatbelt and experience the excitement I felt on this road of discovery…it’s truly been a ride to remember!

Let’s start at the beginning. I made my first commodity trade in 1968 while a student at the University of Montana working towards a Master’s Degree in Business Finance and Investments. I was fascinated by the leverage you could get on your investment capital by putting up a relatively small margin fee in order to control a much larger quantity of some commodity…leaving open the potential for substantial gains…and by using stops supposedly limited risk. And, since I was a cash-strapped student with a “relatively” small amount to invest, this really appealed to me.

So, one memorable Tuesday afternoon, I skipped gym class and hiked downtown to open my first commodity trading account. I was nervous as a cat…but, I knew it was something I just had to do. The broker was understanding and after about an hour of filling out forms and waiting for an OK from headquarters, I plunked my money down and began what I imagined would be an illustrative career as a “professional” commodity trader. I just couldn’t wait to get started!

Early the next morning, I was chomping at the bit and decided to start off by trading corn futures. Then over the next two weeks, the worst thing that could happen to a beginning trader happened to me…I had three big winning trades in a row! I was convinced I was the King Kong of trading…and frankly couldn’t figure out why everyone told me trading was so hard to be successful at. Then, as you’ve probably guessed…the fourth trade murdered me. I lost everything I had already made plus $200 more than I even had in my account! So much for the supposedly limited risk. You can guess where the book fund for that quarter went! My trading “career” appeared over about as fast as air rushing out of a balloon.

I went away from that experience licking my wounds, but absolutely convinced there was an underlying and identifiable pattern or rhythm in the markets. I could sense it. I knew it was there…but, I had no idea what it was. I wrestled with questions of how such a thing could exist. Or more to the point, since I saw evidence of it’s actual existence…how could I prove it existed? Even though initially I even questioned my own perceptions, I just knew in my bones it was there! I was determined to do whatever it took to identify it, pick it apart and ultimately find out exactly what made it tick.

It was then I realized that if you could discover any sort of regular or consistent pattern in market movements…you would have the key to successful trading! Why? Because you then could trade in sync with the timing patterns controlling market movement. This was certainly a goal worth devoting a lifetime of research to…and, as it turns out…I have!

I started my search by going to the source…the markets themselves! I studied charts from every market I could get my hands on…some constructed from data going back to the start of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1848! I knew that if there was a pattern that repeated itself in the markets, I could find it…given enough time, effort and stacks of charts to look at.

After night after night of painstaking study, a bit of inspiration arrived from somewhere and I came to the conclusion that by simply using daily futures charts…where each vertical bar represents a single trading day, I could possibly detect tradable patterns by identifying reversal points in normal ongoing markets…specifically, reversals that tended to occur on the same number counts over and over again when counting forward in time from any significant high or low point…in the past.

It was about this time that a fellow trader related to me that W. D. Gann, the world famous market timer, was purported to have said “if you want to know how to time the markets…read the Bible three times!”

I had generally studied the writings of Gann and was frankly never able to get much out of his cryptic and obscure ramblings other than to note his focus on time as opposed to price pattern analysis. Nevertheless, this got me to thinking…is it possible that specific number counts where reversal energy is demonstrably exposed…critical time points I had already identified in my relentless search through endless chart examples…is it possible as some sort of confirming device that those same numbers are numbers prominently mentioned in the sacred texts?

Since it was my custom to regularly read in the Bible, I decided to keep a notebook handy to jot down specific numbers mentioned in the Bible as I came across them. I had no real expectations one way or the other, but I was looking forward to comparing the numbers my private research was turning up with the numbers prominently mentioned in the Bible.

So what did I find? Actually, a head scratching puzzle. What I noticed right away after collecting months of references was that there were an amazing number of near misses…numbers from the Bible that were in most cases off by just one number count from the numbers I had already identified through research.

This wasn’t the only thing that bothered me. I’d been in a quandary for years over a quotation from Jesus found in Luke 24:46 which said “Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day.”

With my persistent mindset, I just couldn’t see how Sunday was the third day. It seemed to me that if Christ was crucified on Friday, then Saturday…Sunday… and then Monday should be the third day. It had been a long running and seemingly irreconcilable question in my mind.

Then out of the blue it struck me. To make the biblical order work, you would have to count Friday as day number one! Why this had been so hard for me to see was I suppose understandable. Counting that way was just not how we were taught to count since grade school. Nevertheless, this was a critical breakthrough…since I had now learned how God counts!

The next step was obvious…use the newly learned counting method on the charts I was studying and see how the number counts compared with what I was doing before. I picked up one of my trusty old charts and started counting days forward from an important high point reversal day on the chart.

Immediately, it jumped off the page at me. By adjusting the number count of each newly discovered reversal energy number…by just one day to reflect the new counting method, the correlation between Bible numbers and specific number counts I had already collected were now almost perfectly…in sync!

I say “almost” perfectly because what showed up was a pattern of hits…that is, actual reversal days occurring on the chart that would tend to “hit” (1) on the day just before, (2) right on or (3) the day just after the individual counting number being projected.

This was heady stuff. Clearly, by using the 40 different and proven counting numbers so painstakingly identified through research and confirmed in most cases by biblical references, I could now exactly pinpoint and project into the future perfectly defined and extremely powerful 3 day “reversal zones” or “timing windows”…on any chart for any market…at any time!

It’s important to note that the strongest reversal energy always exhibited itself in the center day of the 3 day zone or window. I don’t know why, but the image of Christ crucified between 2 malefactors came to mind as I worked with this material. And, as it turns out, the idea of a 3 unit zone or window with the most powerful energy focused in the center unit became over time an even more powerful research concept…as we shall soon see.

And here’s another curiosity. Apparently, there’s no way to determine or foretell whether anticipated reversals will be up or down reversals…until you get there. As the market starts to actually trade up or down into the zone or window, then and only then does the market tip it’s hand to us.

And, here’s the really great part…It’s exactly at the critical moment to do something from a market timing standpoint. That is, just before the market reverses…and while concurrently pointing us in the direction the market has just revealed it’s going to go! And, only those that know the language of the markets understand what the markets are saying when they speak.

Amazingly, the markets literally hand us top secret timing information at the critical moment for us to use it for positioning trades in the right direction…and precisely at the right time to be totally in sync with market movement…guaranteed!

Now, here’s how it works. If a market is initially trading down into a 3 day reversal zone, then we should expect a reversal of some consequence to occur to the upside during the period of that reversal zone. The anticipated reversal up is then confirmed on any subsequent day that sees a rally above a previous day’s high. It couldn’t be more simple!

And, conversely, if a market initially trades up into a 3 day reversal zone, we should expect to see a reversal movement to the downside occur. The reversal is then confirmed by any subsequent drop below a previous day’s low.

Another major plus is that this strategy automatically generates a close-in stop or stop/reverse point just on the other side of the recently anticipated and confirmed reversal. This minimizes trade risk tremendously.

It was at this point that it suddenly occurred to me that what was really happening here…in the march of black bars across price charts…was the ongoing record in time of an unbelievable projection process…a process whereby the forward counting of days was tracking some sort of energy ripples radiating forward in time from high and low reversal points in the past.

My research proved this “process” is ongoing. It’s constantly radiating energy off reversal points in the past which projects three day “timing windows” or “reversal zones” into the future…where this reversal “energy” tends to generate new reversal points in interval patterns falling precisely on certain specific number counts…which I now had identified!

But, how could this be? All I could imagine was that some kind of previously unknown wave energy must be radiating off top or bottom reversal points in the past…continually moving out into the future in varying degrees of intensity, set in irregular yet constant intervals…and with enough structured energy to dramatically affect directional turns…in any market…in exactly the same manner and timing count sequence. And all this, at precisely and objectively projected points in time in the future…whew!

Sit back for a moment and think about it. The magnitude of this discovery…let’s say revelation actually, is mind boggling in it’s implication and absolutely astounding in importance! It’s almost as if the curtain has been ripped back and we’re now privileged to look lingeringly at the fabric of space and time…literally, the framework God employs to organize time and event progressions! Shockingly, it would appear that nothing happens by chance!

I knew instinctively that this method of market timing could not be called fundamental or technical analysis…but is rather an entirely new method of market timing analysis which I dubbed temporal analysis since it is based on time instead of price. Indeed, at this point I realized that one of the greatest hallmarks of the newly named Kenison Counting Numbers is the total lack of subjectivity in producing such valuable timing projections.

No guesswork is ever involved. The number counting sequence is simple and easy to understand. You don’t ever need a calculator or computer or any specialized foreknowledge. And, the signals projected are very precise and completely objective. It’s all right there on the chart…exactly where the next reversal energy in the market will be exposed…and correspondingly, exactly where the next projected reversal should be expected!

And get this. Kenison Counting Number projections will never become obsolete. They will continue with absolute objectivity…for all the years of you or your grandson’s trading careers…to pinpoint at or within one day of a specific future number count, exactly where a market reversal of varying degree of magnitude should appear.

How do we know this? Simply because years of exhaustive historical research has proven that whether you’re looking at constructed charts from the last two centuries, the 1970′s or last week, the system would have worked exactly the same in each era…with exactly the same phenomenal results!

And remember, these are the very same timing count numbers confirmed historically and through study of the scriptures to have proven and very definite reversal energy associated with them. Believe me…after learning the Kenison Counting Numbers market timing method, you will never look at a price chart the same again.

I was also extremely gratified to learn through decades of ongoing research that Kenison Counting Numbers work equally well in projecting future reversal points in every market, irregardless of whether it’s a futures, options, stock, forex or cash market…anywhere in the world!

How Kenison Counting Numbers Work…

This totally unique and extremely powerful method’s ability to project important market highs and lows…in the future is uncanny. How does it do it? After decades of personal research, I have identified the exact irregular number sequence the market itself observes. Just count the bars on a price chart forward from any market high or low point in the past and the Kenison Counting Numbers will tell you exactly on which numbers in the sequence you should expect powerful reversal energy to be exposed…in the future…and with a very high degree of reliability! This allows traders to anticipate, confirm and then act on potentially profitable trading turns that others don’t even see coming…or have the slightest idea even exist!

There is nothing subjective about this analysis…it’s entirely objective. It gives you no nonsense exact entry and exit points with close-in and automatic stop loss points. And for the charts you need? They’re free on the internet!

One other thing should be stressed. This is strictly eyeball to chart analysis. No complicated software program or mathematical calculation is ever necessary. With this new life long knowledge, you can spend just moments with a price chart and know with total confidence what your course of action should be…and know with absolute clarity what the risks are…all in advance!

There’s no need to check with anyone first…you’re the expert! Why? Because when you understand this market timing method you’ll know with quiet confidence what the market itself is telling you about current trends and potentially explosive turning points…and exactly when to expect them!

When you see how by simply counting forward and backward in time from important high or low points in the past, you can project important reversal points in the future…believe me, you’ll be hooked! I’ve been hooked now for over 30 years and I’m still fascinated on a daily basis as I watch these turns occur like clockwork in timing windows projected weeks and even months before!

Traders can become expert in using all 40 of the unbelievably powerful Kenison Counting Numbers to project forward in time to exactly where reversal energy will be exposed…in the future!

One of the most impressive Kenison Counting Numbers is represented by Zone 14…especially, when using our simple triangulation techniques in combination with other counting numbers to project powerful conjunction and convergence reversal zones…reversals which begin extremely dynamic high-velocity directional market moves! Other traders marvel at windfall profits that seem to come out of nowhere. Kenison Counting Numbers is the tool that alerts you beforehand thereby allowing you the opportunity to profit from these explosive market moves!

When investors and traders investigate this precision market timing method, they are amazed to discover the natural and irregular rhythm identified in the markets…a rhythm that is constant and traces out exactly the same pattern for all markets worldwide! It’s shocking to see how invariably reversals occur on the same number counts in the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence…over and over again.

And now another amazing fact concerning the Kenison Counting Numbers method…it holds true no matter what time frame you’re looking at! As we already know if you apply the system to a daily chart, you will project daily reversals. But surprisingly, If you also apply it to a weekly chart, you will project weekly reversal points into the future. In fact, the same Kenison Counting Numbers sequence works equally well when applied to monthly, weekly, daily or intra-day charts!

It was exactly at this point that another phenomenal discovery was made. I discovered that you could determine the most likely actual reversal day, week or month within each reversal zone by using the Kenison Counting Numbers to count backward in time from each of the three days, weeks or months within each reversal zone. How does this work? Quite simply, when you count backwards in the fashion mentioned above, you will notice that significant high and low points…in the past…fall exactly on specific number counts in the Kenison Counting Number sequence…but only if you are counting backwards from the most likely actual future day, week or month where the market will reverse! As I witnessed this mirror image or echo effect in action, I realized this is truly a miracle!

This is absolutely astounding when you realize that by counting forward or backwards in time reversal energy is exposed on the same number counts in the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence irregardless of whether you’re counting months, weeks, days or 15 minute intervals on an intra-day price chart! Witness this system in action in real markets in real time and you’ll be totally amazed at the magnitude of this discovery…I guarantee it!

Copyright (c) 2006 Bruce Kenison

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MLM Vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Best For Your Home Based Business?

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I was introduced to the world of MLM before I knew anything about Affiliate Marketing. Along my MLM journey I came across marketers who where and still are making considerable money both in the MLM world and in the affiliate marketing world. I was intrigued by this as it opened my eyes up to other business systems and other ways of making money from a home based business. These new possibilities lead me to review the new options I now have in front of me and here are my findings.

Pros and Cons – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where a company or person allows a marketer to sell their product or service on behalf of them. The marketer does all the marketing of the product or service and is paid a commission based on the value of the sale by the company or person who owns the product / service.


  • An affiliate marketer does not require a downline for their business to be successful.
  • There is no stock to store, the affiliate marketer is simply the middleman for the sale. The company ship the goods and deal with all the customer services.
  • There are many affiliate products to choose from.
  • As an affiliate marketer, your success and failure is completely in your hands as you are the only person in your business.


  • An affiliate marketer can not make growing residual income.
  • Affiliate marketers do not have a team to assist them in their business.
  • As an affiliate marketer you only make money on what you produce.
  • Affiliate marketers are in direct competition with every other affiliate marketer who is also trying to sell the same products.

Pros and Cons – MLM

MLM is a marketing structure used by companies as one of their marketing strategies. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products (reps) not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters (reps) they enrol to the company, creating a downline of distributors and multiple levels of compensation.


  • As an MLM rep you get paid for your direct efforts and the direct efforts of the people in your downline (some companies allow you to have an infinite downline).
  • MLM reps can generate residual income which when your reach a certain level will continue to gradually increase every month.
  • MLM is a team business. The more active reps in you have in your business the more successful you will be.
  • As MLM has a hierarchy structure there is a lot of support throughout all the levels, you are not alone.
  • MLMers get to leverage their time.


  • MLMers have to build a team to be successful.
  • Learning how to sell and recruit are the core skills required to be successful in MLM.
  • The strength of your business is largely dependent upon other people.
  • It generally takes longer to make money in MLM.

By no means are you limited to doing one or the other. You can do both. What I would suggest is that you master one method first before you venture into the other.

Affiliate marketing is a quicker way of making instant money. You get a product, promote it, a person buys it and you are paid a commission from it. Once the sale is made that’s it. Your customers have no loyalty to you so they will very easily go to someone else to get the product the next time (affiliate marketers very rarely brand themselves).

MLM is known as ‘Marathon Money’. It’s not instant, but if you consistently work at it you will slowly start to see good results. Due the structure of MLM you eventually get paid more for doing less as you leverage your business. Not only do you make money, you also get your precious time back.

My summary to the debate of MLM Vs Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing will provide you with instant Get Paid Today (GPT) money but it involves your direct time to make it happen.

MLM will provide you with growing residual income and you get to leverage your time. Both require the art of selling and more importantly marketing. Both can provide you with a great home based business which can fulfill your dreams.

Master one first then attack the other if that’s your choice. I am currently an MLMer, but there are elements of affiliate marketing which appeals to me. Either way I wish you the best of luck in what you are doing or decide to do.

To your MLM and Affiliate Marketing Success.


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Direct Marketing For Beginners: What You Can Learn About Marketing Systems From The Blind Side

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“Creativity is over-rated. Most business success comes from doing boring, diligent work. From developing a system that produces consistent results and sticking to it.”

Ray Kroc. (Of McDonalds Fame)

Hardly the most inspiring of quotes for an article about marketing. I will say this though, Kroc’s right. He has a multibillion dollar empire that is run by kids because of his systems.

I built a marketing system in about 12 weeks total. From scratch. It has turned into a six figure income, with just $7,000 capital and it should scale up to a seven figure income, possibly eight, over the coming two to three years.

In the public eye, the most compelling version of this story might be Bill Walsh’s rise with the San Fransico 49ers and his West Coast Offence.

Walsh was judged on E.S.P.N. recently to be the second most influential coach in the history of football. I’d agree, he singlehandedly changed offensive systems.

The System That Changed Football (And what systems can do for your business)

Walsh’s story is told elegantly in Michael Lewis’ book ‘The Blind Side.’ When Walsh had to overcome a ‘deficiency of talent’ when he was offensive coordinator at the Bengals, he developed the root ideas of the west coast offence there.

His linemen too small for the team to run the football effectively, his quarterback couldn’t throw far, his receivers couldn’t make the team anywhere else… So Walsh developed a system to compensate.

When he finally took over the 49ers, he took the worst offense and the worst quarterback of the year before. Walsh plugged his system in and it became the second most productive. You can object that he had two hall of fame quarterbacks at the 49ers in Montana and Young, but considering he turned it around with Steve Deberg quarterbacking that first year (Walsh had him throw an NFL record of 578 passes at 60% completion when the previous year Deberg threw 22 interceptions and completed 45% of his passes). I rest my case about a system.

The System Is The Star.

Walsh’s success proved the system is the star. In your business it is that too. Marketing Systems are the most necessary systems yet the least frequently developed. Despite their obvious power. To have the ability to systematically produce new customers, new leads, retain clients, grow their value and get them to refer on autopilot is as life changing as it is business changing.

Perhaps most amazing is that systems actually can take lower quality components and overcome the deficiencies of the individual parts. I’ve seen terrible copy work quite well in the right system. However I’ve seen great copy not generate a response in a terrible system.

Finally, I have seen great copy and a great system shoot businesses straight into orbit. Like the one I built for myself.

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Direct Mail Marketing

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In the modern day people seem to experience a bombardment of advertisements and offers. In a hurting economy, especially, people are trying to find inexpensive ways to turn business around by bringing in more customers. One great marketing strategy often utilized by large companies, but less often so by local businesses is direct mail marketing. This is a surprising fact considering that this form of advertising offers a great return on investment compared to many other forms. Direct mail marketing is also a flexible marketing strategy that is quickly and easily changeable and re-scalable.

Scalable Marketing

Imagine, for example, that you are a business with multiple locations. You could test out a mail marketing campaign at one of your locations. Assuming that it did well, you could easily implement the same strategy at all of your locations by keeping the same marketing postcard design, and simply changing the location listed on the postcard. New batches of marketing postcards, with the appropriate location address, could be sent out to the new marketing areas. Essentially, changing the size of ones marketing area is easy to do, allowing you to adjust your companies marketing strategies quickly to follow the market.

Adjustable Marketing

With direct mail marketing postcards it is easy to change your marketing strategy with the season, economy, or any other factor that might influence how you want to reach customers. If you wanted to advertise a holiday themed special, postcards would allow you to affordably and flexibly do so. This could be done by designing a holiday promotion postcard that was sent out only during November and December. Once the holiday season had passed, you could easily return to your regular direct mail marketing campaign using your regular marketing postcards. This same flexibility is also available in changing details about your primary mail marketing postcards. If you wanted to change your logo, listed prices, company details, or anything else about your postcards it could be easily done with a quick redesign and reprint of your materials.

In the current economic situation flexibility is key in the survival of your business. Being able to weather the storm is key, but being ready to take advantage of the turn around will be what determines your long term success. A marketing campaign needs to have its finger on the pulse of the market in order to be most effective. Marketing postcards in a direct mail marketing campaign are a great way to stay current with the market and flexible with the needs of your business.

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Ensure Your Business Venture Has A Direct Email Marketing Plan

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Whether you are a young capitalist intending to make it big in the business or a proficient business person, just make sure you are conscious of the reality that in today’s competing world, no business enterprise can see the light of accomplishment except some powerful marketing you can do to endorse it. However, it is a cost incurring process; an easy option would be to go for reasonably priced direct email marketing methods. This is just because the price of endowment is relatively low. All you require is a computer with internet connectivity, an email account that is generally free and somebody who understands how to generate attractive content.

With the help of e-mails, you can connect with a lot of people and that too at entirely low-cost. That makes e-mail marketing a great option for new or experienced entrepreneurs. Also, by using this method, you can also get connected with your preferred customer base. You can personalize every email relying on the customer base you have aimed. For example, if you want to endorse your business enterprise to the young groups, you can employ the most general interactive tone in your messages. Actually, the more informal is the nature of your e-mail, the easier will it be for you to grab their interest.

Alternatively, if you choose to allow the older generation becomes aware of your business endeavor, you must fix to proper and suitable tone and the use of prudent vocabulary is a necessity. In case you are not moderately confident of yourself, you can always seek the help of expert email marketing company that is extremely capable in this and makes your promotional e-mails more satisfactory and striking. Yet, with the charge that you need to pay for their assistance, the complete cost is much less as compared to traditional promotions using print media. This makes direct email marketing campaign one of the great options for any start-up or well established business ventures.

Ensure to decide the sending day prudently and according to your readers’ plans. If your e-mail newsletter is very much business related, think about sending it sometime between Monday and Thursday, as these are the days when people are generally in work mode. Send free time or family related newsletters on weekends.

Opt for the direct email marketing campaigns of your competitors. If you join their mailing list, trace them with simplicity. This will assist in making your campaigns better than others’. If they are missing in one area, you can strive to use that in your advertising campaign. For instance, if your opponents are offering a kind of promotion, find out the methods of providing similar, but better, marketing promotions.

Build-up your email lists organically. Do not rent or purchase a list. In its place, create a list of e-mail addresses by using business cards of people you have met, and by using subscription sign ups within your website. Your list will rise with people who are really concerned with your business.

If you would like to cover up all your bases when promoting through e-mail, be sure to use combined messages. These emails involve both plain text and HTML editions of your messages so that your subscribers can decide upon the option that is right for them. It may look like extra work, but having subscribers makes it valuable in the long run. If you only employ one delivery method, you could drop many potential readers.

There are various companies that offer economical email marketing services at minimal cost. They have a vast amount of attractive e-mail templates from which you can select one or more according to your requirements. Overall, you can do all of this at a minimum charge and this is what makes the whole idea of marketing through e-mails a huge success.

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