Direct Network Marketing Recruiting – Prospecting Warm Market the Professional Way

Although lately people seem to be drawn to online-based prospecting, warm market is undoubtedly a large market of prospects. As the rule of thumb, each person know about 300 people they can contact directly. Despite this big number, the fear of rejection from the people close to them shut the nerve of many network marketers to even mention about their business.

It’s actually not their fault, as most of them are not professional salesperson and are not trained to be one. But having a downline from your warm market is very important for the purpose of having a solid team. After all, you’ve known their quality and that’s why you can choose your winning team members. So here’s 3 tips to prospecting your warm market the professional way.

Prepare an outline for your presentation Many people, when presenting to their warm market, do not prepare anything and ended up having an awkward and confusing presentation. You can’t expect someone to buy your product or join your company if they are confused. And nothing more confusing than listening someone who jump from one topic to another and get lost in the end. People start to get interested in something when they clearly understand what it is all about. Even though you are presenting to your friends and family, treat them as real prospects. Prepare what you’re going to talk about in bullet points and expand to sub-points so that you know exactly what you’re going to say from the beginning to the end.
Set the time limit Time is money and real professionals truly understand this concept. Before you begin your presentation or better, before making appointment, tell your prospects how long you will be taking. 20 minutes is the maximum for you to talk then the rest is for question and answer. Do not talk too long except the prospects ask you to. Having a short and meaningful presentation is not only affect positively to your prospects, but also to you. In the end, both of you have more time for other activities.
Say the magic sentence Nobody wants to be haunted by a pushy salesman. That’s why it is the most important thing you must emphasize to your prospects that you will not be one. After each presentation, make sure you say this: “Mr. Prospect, I’d like to emphasize that the next time this opportunity is mentioned, it will be because you bring it up, not me. In other words, I don’t want you to even harbor a thought that when we bump on each other in the future, I’m going to talk about this business. It just won’t happen.” Offer your opportunity one time and one time only to your friends and relative. This is proven to remove tension and the risk of killing friendship.

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