Network Marketing – Going From Part-Time to Full-Time

Sometimes making the decision to go from part-time to full-time in network marketing can be a little overwhelming. There are quite a few things to consider.

Working a full time job often comes with more than just a paycheck. Depending on the company and position held, you often get several of the following:

1. Vacation time – this can be anywhere from five to fifteen days per year

2. Sick time- this can be anywhere from three to ten days per year

3. Pension – many companies offer a pension plan

4. Medical and dental benefits – insurance benefits can be wonderful, especially if the benefits are for the entire family

5. Holiday pay – some companies only offer a couple of major holidays off, other companies offer every calendar holiday off with pay

6. 401K plan – my father works for a company that offers a wonderful 401K plan for all employees

These benefits all add up financially. In addition, if you’re accustomed to taking a one week vacation each summer, you’ll need to consider how not being paid for a week will impact your family.

If you’re accustomed to medical coverage, you’ll need to consider how getting your own insurance will impact your family.

If you have a spouse that receives medical coverage, pensions, etc. then the decision to leave your job might be a bit easier.

Before completely leaving your traditional job, you might consider first cutting back to part-time and seeing how that impacts your family. Another possibility for some employees is to work part-time in office and part-time at home. This allows you to be involved in your network marketing business more consistently through out the day while still holding onto the salary and benefits of the full time job.

It’s not an easy decision to go from full time employee to full time network marketer. Take your time in making that decision that you and your family all feel comfortable with the transition.

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