Stand Your Ground in Network Marketing

I truly believe there is a difference between men and women in network marketing. I believe they market differently and I believe that men and women have a different perspective on what is and is not ethical.

I love chatting with others on network marketing message boards. If there is respect the exchanges can be wonderful. I very often enter into debates with others, almost always men. Their perspectives are so much different than mine.

Network marketing is about relationships. Men and women approach relationships differently from the beginning. Men and women maintain relationships differently and men and women end relationships differently.

If one of your upline is the opposite sex and you disagree with what they are suggesting, stand your ground. Let them know that you do not agree with what they are saying.

I’ll share an example. I recently met a gentleman who believed it was OK to email others and say, “May I have permission to send you my business propaganda?” I believe this is spam. The definition of spam is sending unwanted and unasked for emails. Saying, “Can I send you spam?” is still sending spam.

This exchange was quite interesting. It really was a men versus women debate. The other women all agreed with me that this was spam while the men all said “we’re only asking permission.”

Another example of standing your ground would be making a list and checking it twice. I am not a list maker, nor do I believe in asking my downline to make a list. Please don’t misunderstand here. Letting family and friends know what you are doing is vastly different from putting them on a list with the intent of soliciting them with a business opportunity.

If making a list and calling your family and friends to try and get them to join your business does not feel right to you, then stand your ground and say no. You will need to discuss other ways to find both customers and new distributors, but stand your ground and find marketing techniques that feel right and positive to you.

Standing your ground in network marketing is one of the things that will set you apart and make you unique. Let people know that you are different and you are willing to stand up for what you believe is ethical and right. Your business will grow.

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