Network Marketing – Going From Part-Time to Full-Time

Sometimes making the decision to go from part-time to full-time in network marketing can be a little overwhelming. There are quite a few things to consider.

Working a full time job often comes with more than just a paycheck. Depending on the company and position held, you often get several of the following:

1. Vacation time – this can be anywhere from five to fifteen days per year

2. Sick time- this can be anywhere from three to ten days per year

3. Pension – many companies offer a pension plan

4. Medical and dental benefits – insurance benefits can be wonderful, especially if the benefits are for the entire family

5. Holiday pay – some companies only offer a couple of major holidays off, other companies offer every calendar holiday off with pay

6. 401K plan – my father works for a company that offers a wonderful 401K plan for all employees

These benefits all add up financially. In addition, if you’re accustomed to taking a one week vacation each summer, you’ll need to consider how not being paid for a week will impact your family.

If you’re accustomed to medical coverage, you’ll need to consider how getting your own insurance will impact your family.

If you have a spouse that receives medical coverage, pensions, etc. then the decision to leave your job might be a bit easier.

Before completely leaving your traditional job, you might consider first cutting back to part-time and seeing how that impacts your family. Another possibility for some employees is to work part-time in office and part-time at home. This allows you to be involved in your network marketing business more consistently through out the day while still holding onto the salary and benefits of the full time job.

It’s not an easy decision to go from full time employee to full time network marketer. Take your time in making that decision that you and your family all feel comfortable with the transition.

Affiliate Marketing Landing Page – Promoting Products and Services Online

Affiliate marketing is all over the Internet, and so many companies have stepped forward to get in on the action. So often, you can find an affiliate marketing landing page just by clicking on a link in a web page, in an advertisement, or on an ad that you see that interests you. Some search engines will let you set up a direct link to an affiliate marketing landing page, and some have more specific rules. Google for instance attributes a quality score that affects how much you pay per click. When setting these items up on any site, make sure that it is OK for you to do so before you finish the sign up, or set up process. Some Internet entities will not allow direct links to an affiliate marketing landing page, whilst others are totally fine with it.

Making links for an affiliate marketing landing page is not hard, many sites where you can get these links give instructions when you sign up on how to place, and make the affiliate marketing landing page links. Often, you will even see the links already set up for you, so, all you have to do is copy and paste them where you want them. Being careful not to anger, or offend anyone upon placing links with their sites are very important, since this kind of behavior can follow you to other sites, and other people. Being kind, helpful, and friendly online will help you with others, when doing the opposite will not.

Acting and being the same way you normally are online as you are in your daily real life can go a long way toward others liking you and wanting to be around you in both places. These things may not seem important to do in your computer Internet life, but, they can be, in making your affiliate marketing landing page and pages along with your affiliate marketing programs to help you and others make a go of small businesses online.

Working toward making more links to your affiliate marketing landing page and other pages that you create can help you get commissions, and those add up to some money for you and others. This is not always a bad thing when you like the programs you are an affiliate in.

Real Estate Success in a Downturned Market

Today’s real estate professionals face challenges that the industry hasn’t seen in years, perhaps in the entire history of selling real estate. New housing starts are down as builders struggle with their own issues of rising costs, and a lack of interested or capable buyers. Homeowners, flush with cash from the sale of overpriced homes a few years back, bought houses that they really couldn’t afford using variable rate mortgages. These mortgages, of course, were issued when interest rates were low. As the rates began to rise, mortgage payments became untenable and these expensive homes were put on the market. As the law of supply and demand dictates, the glut of homes on the market drove prices down drastically, forcing homeowners to sell at less than what they paid, and in some cases, less than what they owed.

Compounding all of this of course is the meltdown of the sub-prime mortgage market. Greedy lenders, in their pursuit of massive financial gain, granted loans to people who really didn’t qualify for them. As these people began to default on their loans, the lending institutions were in turn forced to default on their own obligations. The result – today’s economic morass that is being called the worst global calamity since the Great Depression, if not in the entire history of mankind.

In short, it’s not a good time to be selling real estate. So what’s a real estate professional to do? How do you go about finding success in a downturned market? The short answer is easy – sell something else.

Increasingly, people who make their living selling real estate are seeking alternative careers. In some cases, they seek to supplement their declining incomes as they wait for the market to come back. Others, perhaps the more pragmatic, are moving on altogether. Real estate training notwithstanding, these people realize that they are in fact sales professionals, and that there has to be a better way. Earning an income in real estate is no longer a realistic profession.

As these professionals evaluate career alternatives, many are looking at internet based direct marketing opportunities for a number of reasons. Apart from the huge potential that the internet represents, a home-based direct marketing business can be started while still continuing with current employment. So someone who realizes that change is necessary but isn’t quite ready to make the leap can simply ease into it. However, once these individuals see the success that awaits them in their new endeavor, many simply give up real estate and become full time internet network marketers.

Using Unique Article Marketing to Jazz Up Your SEO Campaign

Article marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to get your rankings up with the search engines. There is however a method to the madness that goes far beyond writing good quality articles. The only way in which you can make use of your well written articles is to master the science of article marketing and come up with a truly unique campaign.

There is no doubt about the fact that article marketing can be used to drive traffic to your website. This process generally includes writing relevant and targeted articles and then having them submitted on to the many free article directories on the internet. The whole process takes some investment in terms of time and money but eventually you can have the right kind of traffic storming to your website.

Using good quality content and valuable information as bait

When it comes to catching the fish on the internet you have to be spot on with your article writing. People will be reading your article to get valuable information and if you can provide them with the information that they are looking for then you’ve got a great chance of directing them to your website using back links.

One of the key features of submitting your articles to the online directories is adding back links in the body so as to direct the reader back to your website. You can also do this by writing up a resource box at the end of the article which will contain the link to your website. A persuasive article with a link that directs the reader to your website at the end is the ideal combination that serves as the bait to catch your target audience.

Since you will be submitting your article on to free article directories your articles will be free for webmasters to pick up and put up on their websites. This further opens a plethora of opportunities to attract more traffic as your informative article gets published on different websites containing back links.

The importance of Quality over quantity

As such there is no limit to the number of articles that you can submit online. Yet again there is a method to the madness that must be followed if you want to create a truly unique article marketing strategy. Common sense dictates that the more articles you have out there containing back links to your website the greater the chances are of attracting more traffic and thereby increasing your rankings with the search engines. Ask any professional seo company and they well tell you that it is much better to locate the top ten directories and have your articles submitted in them rather than have hundreds of articles being submitted on hundreds of crappy directories.

By submitting the same article containing back links to hundreds of directories you will actually be categorized as spam by Google and other search engines. Eventually only a few of your back links will survive. Not only will this be a waste of time and money it will also have an adverse effect on your rankings rather than taking you up.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should only submit one article in one directory because the search engine will be indexing the article when it is published. This can prove to be quite costly. There is however a unique article marketing strategy that you can use to overcome this problem and that is to have a number of different variations of the same article. The best way to do this is to have title variations for each article. As an additional measure to ensure that you utilize the full potentials of each written article you should always social bookmark your article to top bookmarking sites like propeller, digg and the like.

To sum it all up there are two key elements to unique article marketing that any article marketing service will be offering you. One is the writing up of unique articles and the other is to create an effective article marketing campaign. With these two elements combined you will be able to experience a boost in your search engine rankings. The only thing left for you to do now is to look for professional SEO company that can offer you unique article marketing service.

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